Games Tic-Toe • Kelly D. Chien • 2008-02-17
Riparian Entertainments






his is a very silly game; i admit that freely right up front. It might make a good April Fool's gag if you wish.

Ask someone if they want to play a few games of Tic-Toe. Since it's unfamiliar tell them that you'll go first, just to show them how it's played. Draw a Tic-Toe board on a piece of paper or chalkboard. It consists of a single vertical line crossed by a single horizontal line. This results in 4 areas in which to play instead of 9 as in Tic-Tac-Toe. Announce that the first person to get two in a row wins. Quickly draw your X in one of the corners and hand the pen or chalk to the other player. Of course, no matter what move the other player makes, you win on your next turn. Announce that the winner goes first for the next round and draw another Tic-Toe board.

See how many games you can play before the other person catches on and hits you.